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2024 Enochian Lunisolar Calendar

Prepare to transcend time and delve into the cosmic mysteries as acclaimed author Zen Garcia, joined by the insightful Lisa George, unravels the profound truths behind the Enochian Luni-Solar Calendar.

In this riveting livestream, you can expect:

Calendar Chronicles: Embark on a mesmerizing exploration of the Enochian Luni-Solar Calendar, a sacred system meticulously chronicled in Zen Garcia’s “The Flat Earth as Key to Decrypt the Book of Enoch, and brought to print annually in his renowned calendar.

Celestial Insights: Discover the ancient wisdom woven into the fabric of the cosmos, as Zen Garcia shares his unparalleled expertise on the celestial intricacies guiding this extraordinary calendar.

Author’s Perspective: Gain exclusive insights into Zen Garcia’s research journey, as he unveils the hidden truths, historical context, and spiritual significance behind the Enochian Luni-Solar Calendar.

️ Practical Guidance: Learn how this ancient calendar can be applied to your modern life, fostering a deeper connection with the natural rhythms of the universe and aligning your days with sacred wisdom.

Interactive Experience: Engage in a dynamic conversation with Zen Garcia and Lisa George, cohosting this enlightening show, and participate in the live Q&A session to have your questions answered.

Whether you’re a seasoned seeker of ancient knowledge or a newcomer to the wonders of the Enochian Luni-Solar Calendar, this livestream promises to be a captivating exploration. Join us live, embrace the celestial wisdom, and step into a realm where time becomes a sacred dance with the cosmos. #EnochianCalendar #AncientWisdom #TimelessTruths

2024 Enochian Lunisolar Calendar

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  1. Thanks for your explanation! Greetings from TuneWest Community in Switzerland, we also keep Sabbath holy counted from every new moon day, the new sickle 🌙 to be visible 👀 in the evening sky, needs 36 hours from conjunction. Interesting is that the sun longest day, summer in the north shines 36 hours in a perfect circle. We believe Yahusha was dead for 36 hour and got resurrected shortly before sunrise to the 16th in the first month creators calendar. Could that be the truth?

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