2022 Virtual House Church – Bible Study – 1 Samuel Week 30 – VaiyitKabetzu ‘Elav Kol Ish Mar Nefesh ForYouTube

This is the Week 29 of 1 Samuel portion – VaiyitKabetzu ‘Elav Kol Ish Mar Nefesh (Everyone Bitter In Being Gathered To Him) – with related studies from Torah, Prophets and New Testament.

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Links to some of the things we discussed:
Dictionary of Scripture Names: http://biblecentre.org/content.php?mo…

Leviticus 26, Ezekiel 4 and the Fullness of the Gentiles: https://ephraimawakening.com/leviticu…

Other stuff to consider:

Redeeming the Bride: https://youtu.be/XCrzkbBOWmE
Identity Crisis: https://youtu.be/JJD_ZWpeWE8
The Lost Sheep: https://youtu.be/CVH0qGLJwvA
The Error of Dispensationalism: https://youtu.be/5RL2hZSpKEE
Nailed to the Cross: https://vimeo.com/66438322

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  1. Jake brought it with his question. Fear drive me to act like a fool when witnessing to family and it has produced more distance which was part of my fear. If I would have acted differently with faith in Yahuah then my path would have been easier when mending the fences!

  2. Sometimes when one works they are so engrossed in what they are accomplishing they forsake food to get the job done. How much more to accomplish what Yahuah has for us to do! Will He not keep His promise to prepare for us a table before our enemies?! Will He not satisfy our needs?!

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