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Join us for a deeper look than youve ever seen into the reason and history behind why they seem to be able to tell the future.

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Jon and Stephanie Pounders (Keto, Homeschool, Marriage, Homesteading)

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  1. LOL,
    We are the fallen angels
    Prisoners of the earth
    The beauty of Israel which was cast down from Heaven to the earth
    The/we the fallen angels were cast to the earth
    We are that precious gold that became earthen vessels
    YHVH, the Potter secured the fallen angels with a hedge and chains about them which is our human, earthen vessels, our bodies.
    Wake up.
    This is written in YHVH'S first documentation, the Old Testament which is the foundation and standard for all truth.
    You have YHVH'S Word, the Old Testament.
    Then you have the Christian Bible which is the New Testament.
    Utilize YHVH'S Testament to confirm any additional writings.
    Go to class and allow YHVH to instruct you with His truth.

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