1. At this time now people doesn't care about the future of our country and dept . All people are worried is surviving today❗You talk about crypto currency , What will happen if the electrical grid was attacked ? How would we get our money ? Anyway THANX AND GOD BLESS❗🐑💞😇🙏

  2. I personally believe the age of Rebecca was mistranslated. As far as the comment regarding Mary.. YHWH established the age of accountability, clearly 20 and above. So thinking Mary was a child or infant in the sight of our Father, you are claiming YHWH would break His own law or was a paedophile. Be very careful of what you say. He used great care in choosing who would be the perfect earthly parents for His Son. That responsibility alone would hardly be placed upon one who is a child in His sight. Think about it.

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