Spaceports of the Anunnaki ForYouTube

Learn about the timeline of the Anunnaki spaceports as detailed by Zecharia Sitchin in his Earth Chronicles series.

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  1. Was it Mt Mashu that was enucleated by Nergal because it was the Anunnaki's Space Port – a place where access was denied to Humans/Earthlings and given it was in the domain of Ninmah it was feared by Enlilites that Enkiites would subvert Enlil's grip on Earth-Space control. Was Mt Mashu in northern Sinai? Is it possible to produce several TIMELINES with each one detailing separate topics: ie creation of Humans: from pre-op (was a 'god' sacrificed to get things going?) to Mark I version via the multiple pregnancies of the Anunnaki priestesses and Ninmah herself, through the genetic corrections performed by Ningishzidda and then the arrival of Adam II, ie Adapa? Another timeline i'd value is a Climate one highlighting warm and cold periods within the current Ice Age, the Quartenary. I'm very grateful for your fulsome timeline detailing arrivals and all down to Abraham on your website. Thank you.

  2. This is the most compelling and organised video not only on the spaceports but also the connection between Sumer, Egypt and South America. I did endorse the theories and work of Zacariah Stichin as it gave me new meaning on my journey. Thank you for this amazing work…

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