Has the Second Coming Already Happened? A Historic and Biblical Review of Full Preterism ForYouTube

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Many believe that the second coming has already taken place and that we are now living in a post millennial reign world.

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Jon and Stephanie Pounders (Keto, Homeschool, Marriage, Homesteading)

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  1. That was good but i am very glad John stopped and did summaries or id be lost

    David deep stuff needs to be slower and even more explained. .
    This is my 2nd time to hear about Westcott and harcourt and you said more so thats good to know they were Jesuits.

    I found info about not trusting Alexandria scripts but all modern translations are from them and are being so widely accepted by even teachers thats it's confusing to understand why they would?

    Im grateful that some of the holes about preterism has been filled in.

    There is a very good deep teacher that ive watched go preterist over the past 8 years and some things are incredible that he teaches but when he starts to say it all happened in 1st cent i struggle greatly.
    Does anyone know/listen to Chuck Baldwin?

  2. Seems like a lot of people getting really upset intellectual interpretation of the scriptures and not considering a few basic things…heart, where is your heart? And has He returned? It sure does not seem like it to me. He says we'll KNOW…Hes gonna come back big and we'll know it. And Hes gonna smash tjis evil. We're not to the days of Noah yet. I think the devil is laughing at all this arguing…just loving his job well done is dividing we Christians. Jmo. As a not well studied newer Christian.

  3. I uh…can't believe still buy that pre-trib rapture was "invented" by Darby. Or that God's eternal promises are negated because of Christ's first coming or by Israel's sin. The dang tribulation is called "the Time of Jacob's Trouble" TO PUNISH ISRAEL AND PUSH THEN BACK TO GOD.

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