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The Anunnaki presence on Earth has spawned and permeated every major ancient civilization since the last Ice Age.

Our long-time viewers are likely familiar with the Archive’s Anunnaki Gods series that provides comparative analyses of the Sumerian pantheon of gods with the cultures of Egypt, India, Mesoamerica and Greece. All these civilizations were the result of the interactions between two off-world factions from the same home world named Nibiru. At the height of their presence on Earth there were 600 of them and they were led by two brothers – Enki and Enlil.

The lineage of these two brothers is generally agreed upon as they first appear in the Mesopotamian records. And for the most part, the equivalencies of these Mesopotamian gods in other ancient cultures are well settled and agreed upon. However, there is one ancient culture that serves as an exception. The Norse culture of Scandinavia has been bypassed for the most part when it comes to comparative analysis with the Anunnaki.

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