Evidence of Near Future- (((Zombie Apocalypse)))- Predicted in Ancient Scriptures ForYouTube

Midnight Ride: w/ David Carrico and Jon Pounders on NYSTV every Saturday night.

The Bible, the Book of Enoch, and other ancient texts point to the idea of a coming zombie apocalypse. Will it look like modern movies and their interpretations, or will it be much more chilling? Explore the ancient texts with David and Jon to find out more.

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Jon and Stephanie Pounders (Keto, Homeschool, Marriage, Homesteading)

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  1. About 3 years ago I had a dream of my family and I in our chambers we were encamped here where we live fencing was put around all perimeters and a zombie apocalypse had broken out. At some point I believe Heavenly Father struck part of the fence down and all I seen is a path that's never been there before but it appeared as my family and I were walking out of this whole in the fence zombies were coming in from along side us and military was shooting everywhere. We made it out but from there the highway to hollyness was that path I believe that showed up. I know from that point we walked forever long until we reached sand it was desert like and I remember seeing the sun it was huge and this big ole rock were we rested and my dream had ended. But this dream woke me up and I cried for days because on the walk all I could see is blood everywhere everything was contaminated the water was blood the plants were covered in blood the blood came up to below my knees. This dream really made me realize how fast things are coming I ended up getting rid of all my social media and before I did I made a video on all my profiles letting people know of my dream and forewarning people what is to come I had some laugh but i had a big variety of people comment from world wide that i didnt know saying they had the same dream just a different ending and that theyve also been getting theirselves ready. At that point I knew my dream wasn't just a dream. Heavenly Father was showing me what's to come. Thank you brother David and Jon this video was very informing and just confirms even more the dream I had. Bless you both and I'm excited to see the midnight ride tonight happy Sabbath! ❤️

  2. Don't know if its true but some say the god of the old testament, Jehovah or Yaweh is the demiurge, the god of this world…as in "this" world of sin and thats why when Christ exposed his followers….he Christ called them children of their father the devil…a synagogue of Satan! Weve been duped maybe! Old testament they say stems from older stories but the Hebrew with access to Egyptian libraries created their own version…the Torah. ?

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