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Yahushua Christ: Infancy Childhood And Lost Years
Yahushua Christ: Infancy Childhood And Lost Years

Prepare for an extraordinary radio show as we embark on a mystical journey through the Infancy Gospels of Yahusha The Messiah. Join us for this captivating broadcast, hosted by acclaimed author Zen Garcia and cohosted by the insightful Lisa George, as we unravel the divine narrative of Yahusha’s descent from the Throne in Heaven to our fallen world, bearing the gift of salvation and the promise of eternal life.

In this enlightening livestream, you can anticipate:

A profound exploration of the Infancy Gospels, shedding light on the early life of Yahusha The Messiah and the divine purpose behind His descent to Earth.
Zen Garcia’s extensive research and illuminating insights into the spiritual significance of Yahusha’s journey, offering a fresh perspective on the path to salvation.
An in-depth discussion on the divine power and purpose that accompanied Yahusha’s arrival, establishing a transformative path for humanity.
Co-host Lisa George adding her unique perspectives, enriching the conversation with her profound insights.
Engaging reflections on the timeless teachings present in the Infancy Gospels and their relevance for seekers of spiritual truth.
This radio show promises to be a captivating exploration of Yahusha The Messiah’s early life, offering profound insights into the divine mission that shaped the course of human history. Join us live and participate in the Q&A session to interact with Zen Garcia, Lisa George, and fellow viewers. Together, let’s delve into the mysteries of the Infancy Gospels and uncover the divine wisdom they hold for our spiritual journeys.

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  1. Not only do people fear reading the books which are, as you say, mentioned in the canon but removed from our canonical texts. But they will promote the latest Joel Osteen book or Joyce Meyer or.. fill in the blanks. Then, they'll quote those authors as though it's as good as YHWH's word (and Word). This is one example of "Loving the traditions of men".

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