Were the Anunnaki Reptoids? ForYouTube

Over the years, a question that the Archive receives on a regular basis from many of our viewers is whether or not the Anunnaki are a reptilian race. The Archive has decided to address this long-standing line of inquiry.

Reference videos:
Brother of the Snake – https://youtu.be/vyyyqR58_4E
Black Knight Satellite Truth – https://youtu.be/f6LpAxNNWi0
Nibiru 2021 Update – https://youtu.be/NFMQm5AtZlg

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  1. The universal laws of love cannot be manipulated because they are inherent everywhere. The true creation of God, which has no name, no beginning and no end. What is built around it is the work of intelligence and not of the true Source to which we can always return through the Divine Free Will given to us. Fear still rules and creates chaos because it is afraid of love. Therefore, focus more on the truth, which is always love. Or is that not allowed? And from whom should that not be allowed? Who and what ignores love? Who and what is trying to eradicate it from our entire existence?

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