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The Hopi, the westernmost branch of the Pueblo Indians, are believed to be descendants of an ancient people who built a sophisticated civilization in the desert areas of the American Southwest. Their ancestors are referred to as the Anasazi by outsiders, although the Hopi call them Hisat-Sinom or Hisat-Senom. This group survived, thrived, and built impressive urban centers and settlements in the middle of a desert, over an extended period, through a number of climatic changes and crises. These people have generally practiced a quiet, settled agricultural lifestyle over a two-thousand year period, with a long history of farming and waging peace against neighbors and invaders, alike. The great, Golden Age of the Anasazi ended gradually in droughts, waves of disease, alien invasions, or other crises, leading to a great discontinuity and a loss of name and traditions for most of the peoples of the group.

0:23 Historical Overview
6:33 Hopi Religion
8:22 Tawa
9:09 Massauwu
9:59 The Four Worlds
12:14 Kachinas
13:53 Sacred Tablets & Pahanna
The ET Connection
16:44 The Ant People
18:06 Anunnaki
18:23 The Flying Shields
19:56 Orion Connection
21:48 Blue Star Prophecy

We hope you enjoy this presentation on the ancient Hopi tribe. Regardless, of whether you believe that Hopi religion and tradition is based on extraterrestrial visitation or not, the history of this Native American people is rich and filled with fascination.

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