Divine Revelations Unveiled: Revelation 19 and the Mythical Rod of Wonder – Lisa George & Zen Garcia ForYouTube

Join us for an enthralling radio show that delves into the depths of divine prophecy as we unravel the mysteries within Revelation 19, a pivotal chapter in the Bible. In this special broadcast, author Zen Garcia takes us on a journey of exploration alongside esteemed cohost Lisa George, connecting the profound teachings of Revelation with the mythical symbolism of the ‘Rod of Wonder.’

In this thought-provoking livestream, you can expect:

A detailed exploration of Revelation 19, deciphering its significance and understanding its place within the broader context of the biblical narrative.
Zen Garcia’s insightful commentary on the esoteric connections between biblical prophecy and the mythical ‘Rod of Wonder.’
An investigation into the symbolism present in both Revelation 19 and the mythical lore surrounding the ‘Rod of Wonder,’ uncovering hidden meanings and correlations.
Contemplation on the spiritual and metaphysical dimensions of the texts, encouraging viewers to reflect on their own understanding of divine revelations.
An engaging discussion that invites participants to join the conversation, sharing thoughts and insights on the intersection of biblical prophecy and mythical symbolism.

Zen Garcia’s expertise in biblical research and his unique perspective promise to make this radio show a captivating exploration of Revelation 19 and the intriguing connection to the ‘Rod of Wonder.’ Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this enlightening experience and engage with Zen during the live Q&A session. Together, let’s unveil the profound mysteries hidden within these sacred texts.

The Vestures of Light
The Vestures of Light and Rod of Wonder

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