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The story of a Great Flood sent by God or the gods to destroy civilization as an act of divine retribution is a widespread theme among many ancient cultures. It is best known from the biblical story of Noah, but there are several other famous versions.

Many of the world’s cultures past and present have stories of a Great Flood that devastated earlier civilizations. While not all flood stories are the same, the description of the destruction of the world by water is a common theme in many religions and cultures. Most flood stories include an angry God or deity, and a catastrophic water event that destroys the world but is only survived by a chosen few.

Ancient Mesopotamia
Ojibwe/Chippewa Tribe

Deduction and Extrapolation

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  1. If the flood that is spoken of was 10,000 years prior to the writing of the epic or the events of Gilgamesh, perhaps this was simply one flood that occurred but not the only. The Younger Dryas impact over North America during the ice age, would have caused another catastrophic flood, as the impact would have melted and vaporized the glacier in that region which was reported as being up to 2 miles thick. Fascinating…

  2. Maybe the talking to a wall (rather than speaking directly) may have to do with the ancient hieroglyphs/writings that are written on the walls all around the world. Just a thought.

  3. Eff the idiot's that hit thumbs down. I dare them to leave a comment with their social media links. If u hit thumbs down, you should be required to present the EVIDENCE and rational argument (in writing) as to your "reasons" for the absurd judgment you most more than likely hit withOUT finishing the video ….


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