SEED – Behind the Scenes: Paradise Lost – A few recent renders of our current work-in-progress ForYouTube

Yep, we’re still working on it! 🙂 Here are a few rendered clips for you to check out from our current work-in-progress (which will run for 8 minutes total).

NOTE: None of this is finalized. Even though these are rendered, composite versions of the pre-viz, we still have more work to do on most of these shots. And of course, the music and audio will be finalized once we have a completed edit of the video. But this will at least show you a little of what’s currently being done.

The final version of this project will primarily serve as a “proof of concept” video – essentially designed to show what we are intending to do and how we intend to do it. But this was done for a fraction of the budget of any comparable animated TV series. Obviously, with a bigger budget and more people working on it, we can do so much better (and do it a lot faster). But for now, I’m very happy and I really think this is a good baseline from which we can only improve.

If you’d like to see us do more and do better, please consider supporting the project:

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