What Does The Bible REALLY Say About Lilith? (Exploring The Legend of Lilith) Part 2 ForYouTube

Few characters from Mesopotamia and Biblical apocrypha have captivated an audience the same way Lilith has. Some see her has a demonic predator, others see her as a tragic victim. In this series, we aim to dissect Lilith throughout history as we dive into her Mesopotamian origins, her demonic role in the bible and where she fit in Jewish legend as the first wife of Adam.

0:00 Intro
2:24 Isaiah’s Account
5:43 King James’ Translation
6:33 Septuagint (Greek Bible)
7:35 Similarities to Lamia
10:06 Vulgate (Latin Bible)
10:41 Dead Sea Scrolls (Songs of the Sage)
11:38 Talmud
12:34 Outro

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  1. The actuab Bible really doesn't say may much about her. There are mentions that can be translated as her name. You really have to (as you say) look at Sumerian/Babylonian texts, Jewish Midrash, and also Kabbalah. I write about Lilith and do videos. always appreciate everyone's perspectives and information. Thanks!

  2. Your videos are amazing thank u .I jus love people who love GOD..u did it in a mysterious dark way but still biblically correct. 🙏❤️🤗.we all have a dark side..but yet hearts just love God I can't explain .demons are evil but the bible when u read it u don't get that dark dred feel..here u make it more real light is light n darkness is dark..many christian won't change if it's always the happy blessed n rich gospel being told today .the distinction is amazing how u did these.

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