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Portals in the Canyon: Portals can be found all over the world, hiding in the most unexpected places. Portals in the canyon

This is the story of the Ancient Anasazi people and a mysterious ancient city in New Mexico. Chaco Canyon New Mexico is an ancient city deep in the canyons that were mysteriously abandoned. Archeologists say that the Anazsai people migrated out of the area due to drought, ut if that was the case, why did they leave their belonging in the houses? The physical evidence left behind seems to suggest a hasty retreat out of the canyon. But would cause them to run and leave valuable items behind?

In this Documentary, we examine some of the legends surrounding the event and see if we can figure out what happens to the ancient Anasazi.

They opened a portal and something came through.

This is the story of the Ancient Anasazi People and how it’s much stranger than most people realize.

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  1. This is so demonic. The Philistiens worshiped Greek Titans on the island of Crete, and sacrificed children to Mullock.The Jewish people were commanded by God to kill them all, because the fallen angels obviously re polluted the earth, after the flood. The Jews disobeyed God. All these places have megaliths. Malta and Peru hosted the strangest, very large elongated heads, no sadgicul sutures. We find dinosaurs with flesh on the bones. Those are dragons. We've been brainwashed. There is still no missing link. We had metallurgy in the first book of the bible. Math and chemistry are required. In S. America, they worshiped the earth and the snake. They sacrificed people. China is the dragon. They force abortion. Nimrod wanted a one world order. We are living in Babylon. You are blessed if you worship Jesus and cherish human life. Babylon is everything that is "woke." You might not like it, but God destroyed Sodom. We need to repent and ask God for mercy. Judgment is at hand. The world is ruled by Satan, who encourages people to sin. A Christian is ruled by Jesus, who inspires us to have courage. The clear evidence shows mankind has thousands of years of history, not millions or tens of thousands. God calls people who don't believe in Him a fool. His creation reveals His majesty. The knowledge of God is on every heart. There is no excuse. People know right and wrong. They just don't care. That is evil.

  2. I have watched this a few times. But today a phrase about the 'demon spirit gods' jumped out at me in similarity to what the 'demon aliens' do; "Often appearing to children before taking them away forever" is much akin to the alien breeder program we hear about so much today. Tx again Brother for the works you do to warn people about the evil forces spoke of in Ephesians 6:12! God will bless you with a crown in heaven for these works done in Jesus Christ's name! 🙂😉

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