The Green God- The Promise of Eternal Life to Those Who Drink His Cup ForYouTube

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The green god of antiquity can be traced from many cultural and historic documents. Whether you know of him or not, there are powerful people who seek to push his power on the rest of humanity.

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  1. I want to point out the back arts us iron to control whoever, is that why the cereal companies use iron shavings in their cereal to control the kids that eat it? They put iron shavings in a lot of our foods! Just saying coincidence, I don’t think so!

  2. Human trafficking report 01426816 which I filed in Crawford County Pennsylvania was completely ignored by law enforcement because they are all involved with this sort of evil. So many souls are lost to this darkness. I was prosecuted and had to go to court because I received a 3 year PFA from one of the people in the report for threatening them and calling them rapists. I witnessed assault on an 11 year old girl by her own father, and the police did absolutely nothing to investigate this even though I had to pay a fine for making the threat. These people have extensive criminal records and had illegal guns and hard street drugs where this incident took place. I haven't been to jail for 16 years since my only stint in Allegheny County Jail was back in 2007. I was arrested and extradited but still they did nothing about the human trafficking report. I say this because our law enforcement is completely corrupt because of organizations like these.

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