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What we are focused on is the very first, real World Order; one that is well over seven thousand years old and does not have the word New in front of it. The composition known as Enki and the World Order has been referred to as one of the most complex of Sumerian narratives. Enki, the Sumerian God of the Sweet Fertilizing Waters of the Deep, of Crafts, Magic and Wisdom is the son of Anu, and Nammu and one of the most important Mesopotamian gods.


Enki and the World Order

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  1. It is a wonder to imagine how us humans would flourish if these monsters just left us alone !
    They are not something to worship ! Egotists ! They don’t want to help us…they just want glory.
    The minute you think you know what GOD is…..you are wrong . Perhaps there are some benevolent entities out there..but they wouldn’t call themselves “god”. They wouldn’t be “jealous” or vengeful. Enke was an ET…. with faults..he is not “GOD” .

  2. I cannot Express enough how much I love this ancient history of humanity. No other entity ANYWHERE can bring truth like AAA does. 💯I watch their videos over and over again. I learn something new every time. Keep up the awesome work you do. I yearn for more knowledge💖💖💖💯

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