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In this broadcast, Zen Garcia and I studied Genesis Chapter 19, along with parallel passages from the Targum; Jubilees 16; Jasher 19; the Legends of the Patriarchs and the Prophets, the Writings of Abraham and the Legends of the Jews.

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  1. Why is our science honoring Satan ?
    ººThe speed of Earth’s orbit is 18.5mps which just happens to be 66,600mph. Earth’s curvature drops eight inches per mile squared, which just happens to be .666 inches per square foot, 10 miles = 66.666 feet, 100 miles = 6666.666 feet and so on. Earth’s axis of rotation and it’s plane of orbit around the Sun just happens to be 66.6º. Both polar circles which are located near the poles of the Earth just happens to be 66.6º. There's a 666 trillion mile discrepancy concerning the distance from Earth to Polaris and of course the Earth is tilted at 23.4º which just happens to be a 66.6º tilt from the 90º right angle. All of this while flying through space at what just happens to be 2,843,666mph. Do you see the problem ? We've been worshiping Satan all this time without even knowing it. The joke is on us. (Such is the way of true evilness.)
    ºGravity was fabricated in 1666. The Washington Monument just happens to be 6,666 inches by 666 inches ? The Pentagon just happens to be a pentagram ? The Vatican (synonymous with pedophilia) just happens to have named their telescope ”Lucifer” and they won’t let us near it.
    ºThe word nasa is in The Bible* it means beguile which means to deceive. Goddard as in “The Nasa Goddard Space Flight Center” is also mentioned, its Lucifer’s original name and it still is.
    ºNASA named their Tower of Babel “ Saturn V” in honor of Satin and their missions Mercury, Gemini and Apollo were all named after false gods. And let’s not forget the many human sacrifices that there were. When we give praise or money to NASA and it’s Goddard religion, we are literally praising and financing the Lucifer concept. Rather there's a God or not.
    ºScience named the chief/wondering stars “Planets” so we’d think that there are other worlds and then they named the so called planets after false gods except Earth which is not a planet, it’s a world (There is life here and only here.)
    There’s no such thing as planets, gravity, relativity, infinite space, aliens or even evolution. Depth is a perception and space is fake. Space is water it’s called "The Waters, The Great Deep, Thrum, Mayim, Celestial Seas or Primal Ocean" and it doesn't surprise me one bit that millions of people can spend their entire lives looking into an ocean with a telescope and never see any water. People have been trained to trust not their minds and eyes but their education. Water was never created, water is the stuff of creation.
    ºA universe being created is redundant, there is only creation and we are the center of Creation, man's image is not random but his wisdom is poison.
    ºScience says the Heavens and the Earth couldn’t be created in six days because it takes millions of years of secretion for planets to form, but then they tell us that the universe was created in less than a second via “The Big Bang and Super Inflation” measured in Planck time.
    ºIn the story of Creation God rested on the seventh day. In evolution everything came from nothing in no time at all. It seems the Bible has more respect for the laws of conservation of energy than scientist have for their own pseudoscience, their anti-biblical religion.
    What they need more than anything else is to gradually dumb down each new generation until we are eating out of their hands and have severed all ties with YHWH, the Hebrew God of Israel.
    These people aren’t just liars. Our top researchers are quite literally satanic gate keepers.
    ºIf we are exploding half a million miles an hour through space or even one mile an hour, in an ever expanding universe than the stars should have changed their relative positions in the six thousand years that we've navigated using Fixed Star Location. But they haven’t. Stellar drift is a misnomer. Polaris is still the North Star. All the zodiacs still look like what they were named after some six thousand years ago. The great pyramids of Giza are still perfectly aligned with Orion and Orion having twelve independent stars should not still be looking like an archer. And Haleys comet knows where to find Earth every seventy-five years in an ever expanding, chaotic universe ?
    There are over two hundred stars in the constellations alone and if they haven’t moved in over six thousand years then they never will. It’s practically written in the stars that, “The Earth is stable and cannot be moved.” 1 Chronicles 16:30.
    *The King James Bible was edited in 1958 to correct some of Gods mistakes. (That last line was sarcasm, thou they really did try to edit God's word. They made changes such as "In Earth as it is in Heaven" now reads "On Earth as it is in Heaven" which takes us out of an enclosed environment (a world) and puts us on a planet (a rock in space) only the 1611 KJV Bible was spared).
    God Bless and Optimism
    ººThis is what the Earth looks like when you don't use a fisheye lens. It's flat.

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