Heated Flat Earth Vs. Globe Debate- This Was Hard to Watch ForYouTube

Tonight I will be commentating on the debate between Pastor Greg Locke and Pastor Dean Odle.

If you would like to watch the full debate, here is a link.

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  1. Wow… This has convinced me that locke is either speaking under the influence of a demon here….or he is an intelligence agency asset that is put into the body of believers to sow tares and deception. He is holding so tightly to the spherical earth in such a toxic way. It's not Godly and it's disturbing the way he is speaking. I have heard from many people that escaped masonry and witchcraft that the secret societies (who work hand on hand with Intel agencies) will put their Members as pastors who will be funded to start mega Churches to sully the body of Christ and draw them into deception. I'm sad to see this. When i first listened to Greg at the start of the pandemic, i liked what he was saying, that he wasn't licking down or closing his church doors in defiance of orders, but i felt a check in my spirit about him, that i shouldn't watch him any further after the first time, that i shouldn't visit his church (i lived in Tennessee as well) now i see more why the Holy Spirit have me that feeling. I will pray for his congregation.

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