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In the pursuit of knowledge regarding potential paleocontact contacts in our distant past, researching certain texts can be helpful in understanding predicate timelines to the so-called facts presented by contemporary academic mainstream. Many of these texts are categorized in a group known as Apocrypha.

Over the centuries, the calls to avoid and even destroy such literature were obviously not always effective. Today, more than 300 Christian apocryphal texts are known to exist. But a significant amount of these texts has never been translated into English. Recently, some new translations were released in the book titled “New Testament Apocrypha More Noncanonical Scriptures (Volume 2)”.

Original Archive narration by WR Hobbs

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  1. Oh sweet this is the very same gentleman who reads "The Emerald Tablets of Thoth" of which I've heard well over 100+ occasions…. In point of fact, I play the Emerald Tablets while I'm sleeping myself, and man oh man do I ever sleep like a baby 😜 I highly recommend it

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