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Justen Faull is a filmmaker and producer for Faull Brothers Productions, Best known for his films “Higher Entities”, “Belly of the Beast”, and “The Hollow Earth Chronicles”. In this interview, we talk all about UFOs, Aliens, Underground Bases, and Fallen Angels.

This video is an experiment, people have been asking for my interviews without the edits, In podcast style. So here it is! What do you think? Do you want to see more podcast-style interviews? Let us know what you think in the comments below!!

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Justen Faull’s YouTube Channel.- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOl4o-AfT_afCxgSKabPROg

Fourth Watch Films – fourthwatchfilms.com

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  1. David icke interviewed the last Zulu shaman !! He spoke of a group of beings that came to Africa ( wearing robes ) teaching about the 4 main religions before religions were invented !!.that's why they destroyed all the ancient civilizations history!!

  2. Yahweh is the evil one out of all the deities!! Watch your mouth when talking about the queen of Babylon!! .. the religions that are around have brainwashed all of yal!!..the " god of The bibble is the evil one !!..

  3. I am ex athiest. I used to mock christians and say it was all just a fairy tale to help people die in peace. Until i overdosed and stood before Jesus. His face is as bright as the sun. I couldnt see any details of his face but i could see his arms were held out like to hug me and they were a dark tan color, not white or black. When he held out his arms the light got brighter and i felt so much love and peace and raw power that i cant even find the right words to describe them. Jesus is God in the flesh. God is a trinity. All power the father has Jesus also has. He has existed with the father since before the earths creation.

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