TFR – Secrets Revealed 29 – Quest4Truth: Genesis 18 and Jasher 18-19:45 ForYouTube

Continuing our study of Genesis, on this show, we covered Genesis 18 with related commentary from Jasher 18-19:45, the Targums, Legends of the Jews and the Writings of Abraham.

Note: This is a re-upload of the live-stream minus the commercials

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  1. Q4…mmm
    Don't you think it's "time" to jump on the Q Mania…?
    Rob skiba this seems right up your alley I don't see how you're not on it with this whole Q movement I would have thought by now you would have jumped on the bandwagon….. there's just too much irrefutable proofs and "it's time"…
    Please people don't attack me just go do your own research.

  2. Anyone who preaches the word of God is a fine person in my book. Everything else doesn’t matter. A person needs to live like the rest of us right ! Regardless on the means they do it doesn’t bother me. God bless you all. Especially the weak in heart.

  3. Hello All,
    Rob, I would like to know exactly where in the Book of Enoch as you mentioned in one of your videos where Enoch saw the flood as you described it its like a faucet filling a bathtub(I'm paraphrase what you said in that video)? Thank you

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