Archangel Uriel and the Accursed Valley (Book of Enoch Explained) [Chapter 26-27] ForYouTube

The desolate valley of Jerusalem awaits Enoch, but what will our hero think of the Archangel Uriel’s caution?

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Artwork/Illustrations by
Douglas Deri (
Karlo Lottersberger (

Animation by
Michael Merc (…)

Music by

Graham Plowman:​​
Derek/Brandon Fietcher:​​

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  1. The biblical god does not translate.

    Yahweh is a variation of Poseidon/Enki, but the imperialist and guilt driven foundations, plus basis of their prayers suggest they worship Deus/Zeus aka Enlil. "Glory! Glory! Glory!".
    And Zeus clearly serves the Demiurge Yaldalaboath.

    So the creator is the corruptor, and the destroyer is the saviour?

  2. Uriel – "This is an accursed land for an accursed people"

    Jewish spin – "So that means we're chosen?"

    Uriel – "Yeah sure, tell yourselves whatever you need too"

    Jewish spin – "We're the chosen!!!"

    Uriel – "Yeesh. They never learn."

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