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This is the 2021 Week 42 Torah portion – Matot – with related studies from the Prophets and New Testament.

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Numbers Week 42: Matot

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  1. God hates human sacrifice and would never require It for himself. Japhtheh did not kill his daughter to offer her to God as the pagans did. He offered her to God Just as the mother of Samuel did. That is why she went to lament her virginity in the mountains. The bible says that she knew no man. She was consecrated to God and remained a virgin.
    The case of the Gibonies was about setting the balance straight because of what Saul did to them. It was not human sacrifice!!

  2. 🙏🙏So you think you qualified for heaven? Examine yourself to see if you are in the Faith 🙏🙏

    Entitlement? It’s a human response to see if your deserving

    The problem of Entitlement is you could be right or wrong

    Much of the amplified grace of Once Saved Always Saved preached on YouTube and many prosperity preaching have effectively put all the work on Jesus and nothing on you

    This “bait and switch” has deceived many carnal, weak, faithless so called Christians

    It comes down to who believes carnal, flesh understanding, do nothing, weak minded who choose to hyjack the apostle Paul’s preaching on grace

    Satan knew he could easily deceive the faithless followers, also known as “foolish virgins”

    These followers have no oil of Holy Spirit, they have human oil that easily runs out, but not the true oil that endures trials and tribulations

    Many of these OSAS false teachers or prophets preach that somehow sin is a non issue with a Holy God

    Kind of a express way to heaven, without a desire to repent, confess and obey.

    Jesus in Rev 2, speaks to the church at Ephesus and Thyatira that sin approving teaching is something the Lord actually hates

    Now if Jesus hates something, it would be wise to know and understand that it’s something the true church should avoid

    Satan’s knows how weak humans are, just as Adam and Eve were confused, today’s so-called church isn’t much better

    In fact worse, we have the Word (Bible) and truth (Jesus) at our disposal, they did not

    True they walked and talked to God but we have that same choice to obey and get blessed or disobey and get disciplined

    Jesus didn’t just pay our sin penalty but he gave us a “helper” to live according to Jesus teaching

    Many false OSAS teachers will contend it’s all about grace, but Satan has stolen the understanding of that concept of grace

    Biblically it’s grace that opened up the once closed door to the unbelieving (gentile) world

    That’s grace

    While Satan has turned the term grace into a license to continue in sin

    Paul preached grace, why? Because he was the apostle to the gentiles, thus he produced milk to the unbelievers, not that they should stay on milk but to mature to eat spiritual meat

    The Gentile world knew very little about the God of the Israelites, so to unveil this salvation gift Paul had to teach the basics before getting to the deeper understanding of faith

    Sadly the “Angel of light” deception has kept many weak minded believers to the false teaching that sin was ok with God

    Paul answers in Romans 6:1 That because grace abounds should man continue to sin?

    He doubles down again in verse 6:15 by saying the same thing, don’t sin

    So is Paul truly teaching it’s Ok to sin?

    Wait for it, wait for it

    He answers his own question by saying “ MAY IT NEVER BE”

    Mic drop

    Let me interpret for the weak minded, carnal, sin practicing kind of believers about Paul’s teaching that on account of grace should man continue to live in sin

    NO, NEVER, DON’T Be fooled

    It’s ridiculous to say that Paul preached saving faith would allow sin

    It’s impossible

    The Bible says in Hebrews 12:14, whom many attribute to Paul’s writing, “Without holiness, NO man shall see God”

    Paul says over and over again in Romans 1, 1 Corinthians 6:9, and Galatians 5 that “Anyone who practices any sin behavior with NOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM of God”

    Of course Satan wants to keep you biblically ignorant, so many false teachers today have confused, deceived or clouded to true respond to engage in any practice of sin

    God knew we would struggle do he gave us a “helper, teacher, advocate, counselor” in His Holy Spirit

    The Holy Spirits main job is found in John 16:8 “convict of sin, righteousness and judgement”

    One can ascertain if your following the OSAS spirit it’s not the Holy Spirit but a unholy spirit

    If your truly not convicted of sin when you choose sin, then Holy Spirit resides NOT in you

    Sounds judgmental but this is Jesus’s words not mine

    Three times in John 14

    Verse 15,21 and 23 clearly teach “If you (any human) love me (Jesus), you (human) will keep/obey my words/commands”

    Your true LOVE of Jesus is tied to your willingness to Obey his teaching

    There can be no other definition of true love, God is Love, he gets to define what true love is

    He calls it “obedience”

    You might not like that definition but you are not God

    You can choose or not choose to surrender to Jesus’s ways, teachings, understanding or rebel against them

    Which is what OSAS teaching suggest, some think all you have to do, is say a one time prayer and you are completely saved

    Satan loves this teaching, he created this deception, Rev 2 calls this a doctrine of demons

    Why? Because it teaches a lie instead of the truth

    Jesus paid a high price to open heavens reconciliation door, but the way of destruction is still wide and many are on the deceptive OSAS path, Jesus prophesied a narrow path to righteousness and he said few are in that path

    My goal is not to offend you but to have you examine yourself to truly see if your in the true faith

    1 Cor 13:5

    Gods inspired Word is commanding you to see if you are in the true faith, not a counterfeit deception of what your flesh approves

    In conclusion Jesus hits the bulls eyes by telling Nichodemas in John 3, that to enter the Kingdom of heaven you must be born from above

    Only Holy Spirit can truly seal the true believer until the day of redemption

    But not the false believer (foolish virgins)

    The narrow gate is Jesus opening the door and Holy Spirit leading you through that door

    A free will choice to surrender your will to Jesus, be empowered by Holy Spirit to walk through the open door

    Not by human works or effort but by Holy Spirit working in the submitted human

    It’s the dying to self (human effort/understanding, picking up your cross (accepting Jesus as savior) and walking in his footsteps (under the power of Holy Spirit)

    This is Gods way, narrow it may be, but true, not influenced by Satanic teaching/doctrine of sin approving behavior that steals the true definition of grace

    The true faithful follower of Jesus will stand before the judgement seat of Christ

    On that day, Jesus reveals “everything you done in the flesh, the good and the bad”

    If works are not relevant to salvation the why does Jesus reveal these works?

    Because it’s important to you savior, true repentance is no more difficult than to say “I’m sorry”

    If you can do that to your husband/wife/father/mother/son / daughter

    Then why is it so difficult to tell your savior?

    Be blessed, be filled and be encouraged 🙏🔥

  3. Spreading the word to Kingdom people to be and stay prepared is a good thing. We've been staying alert since 2012. It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark. We each have a part to play and a path to stay on…..may we all find it according to YaH's perfect will for each of us.

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