1st hour: Crypto / 2nd hour: The Apocalypse of Baruch with Zen Garcia ForYouTube

First hour: Bitcoin and crypto talk
Second hour: Part 2 of the Apocalypse of Baruch

The Great Commission III: The End Time Apocalypses
The Great Commission III: The End Time Apocalypses

Join us for a thought-provoking and contemplative radio show as we embark on a journey of discovery through ‘The Apocalypse of Baruch,’ an apocryphal text that offers profound insights into ancient wisdom and spiritual revelations. Our guide on this enlightening exploration is Biblical researcher and devout Christian, Zen Garcia.

In this captivating broadcast, you’ll:

Dive deep into ‘The Apocalypse of Baruch,’ exploring its historical context and spiritual significance.
Gain a deeper understanding of the hidden wisdom and profound insights contained within this lesser-known text.
Discover Zen Garcia’s extensive research and insights into ‘The Apocalypse of Baruch,’ offering fresh perspectives on its teachings.
Explore the connections between the text’s messages and contemporary Christian beliefs and spiritual journeys.
Engage in a contemplative conversation that invites you to reflect on the timeless wisdom found within this apocryphal work.

Zen Garcia’s dedication to Biblical research and his Christian perspective promise to inspire and deepen your understanding of ‘The Apocalypse of Baruch.’ Join us for this contemplative radio show, and participate in the live Q&A session to interact with Zen and fellow viewers. Together, let’s unveil the hidden wisdom contained within this ancient text and find inspiration for our spiritual journeys.

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  1. The black waters sounds like the black goo which Enter the Stars has talked much about. It is highly represented in movies and media currently. For example, he just mentioned it recently as he went over a video of a U 2 concert and it’s multimedia show.
    Tying together so many pieces of info isn’t a wide spread occupation…..I appreciate you and your ministry.

  2. Thank you so much for reading Zen. Your voice is calming and Baruch is soul touching. I most definitely feel like I'm listening to good friends. Also, thanks for sharing you thoughts and experiences with bitcoin and other monetary diversification.

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