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Mainstream academia puts forth the theory that the Great Pyramid at Giza was a tomb for the fourth dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu thus making it about 4500 years old. The Archive firmly rejects this theory for the purpose and age of the structure. Simply put…the conventional theory about the Great Pyramid being a tomb is complete nonsense. The Great Pyramid did not contain any of the things a real Egyptian tomb would, such as extravagant artifacts; ornate wall art; sealed entrances; elaborate coffins; or even mummies.

So… if we do not accept the mainstream theory of the purpose of the Great Pyramid, we are then confronted with the very obvious question – what was it really used for?

Well for a few decades now, a prevailing counter-theory has emerged. The theory that the Great Pyramid was some type of energy generator has become increasingly popular and more importantly it has even entered into the academic paradigm by way of theoretical physics.

Original Archive Narration by WR Hobbs

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  1. Once again a great video…I have watched a ton of your videos, and by far my Favorites are your original Lost Book of Enki videos. While your shortened down versions are good, they are missing a ton of information…They were like listening to our true human history.Very nice work..I am looking forward to Enki vs Enlik Pyramid Wars..😊😊

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