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Do Muslims and Christians have anything in common? With world leadership changing there seems to be a final battle brewing between the Abrahamic religions of the world.
Tonight, I will be watching and commenting on a heated discussion that took place on the PBD Podcast between 2 Christians and Two Muslims.

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  1. It's in the DNA. Our DNA, Noah was perfect, meaning he had original DNA that God made us with. The sons were close to Noah but not 100%. The wives, all of them were hybrids. The Most High Yahuah had Jesus come from a people who are born with perfect blood. When we accept the gift we are born again aka DNA is fixed to its original state. Ok, also we can turn our DNA to a fallen state. By violating the laws he provided us. Certain animals are infected with the fallen DNA. When we eat or touch it. It messes with our makeup. Aka what we call getting sick in today's time. Ok, if you put those DNA strains on a chart and give each person half of each DNA strain you will see the truth. That we are the Nephilim. But we are also the real humans. So you can have ten children, five can be nephilim DNA and 5 can be pure DNA. The cults have people drink blood because of what is in the DNA. That's why if you don't except the blood of Jesus Christ then you cannot be redeemed. His blood brings us back to the original state before the fall of the angels

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