Living Under the Law of God: Becoming an American State National – Kim Baker and Zen Garcia ForYouTube

Join us for a deeply contemplative and enlightening radio show as we explore the profound idea of becoming an American State National, choosing to live under the divine Law of God rather than the laws of man. In this special broadcast, we will be shedding light on the legal routes and the transformative journey that allows individuals to make this transition.

In this thought-provoking livestream, you can expect:

An in-depth examination of the concept of becoming an American State National, its spiritual implications, and its alignment with faith.
Insights into the legal processes, requirements, and procedures for making this transition, guided by experts in the field.
A contemplative discussion about the freedom, rights, and responsibilities that come with choosing to live under the Law of God.
Stories and testimonies from those who have embarked on this transformative journey, sharing their experiences and motivations.
An exploration of the intersection between faith, spirituality, and legal choices, and how they can harmoniously coexist in one’s life.
This radio show aims to provide a platform for understanding and contemplating the idea of living under the Law of God as an American State National. Join us, and participate in the live Q&A session to engage with our experts and fellow viewers. Together, let’s explore the path to spiritual and legal transformation.

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