2021 Virtual House Church – Bible Study – Numbers Week 40: Balak ForYouTube

This is the 2021 Week 40 Torah portion – Balak – with related studies from the Prophets and New Testament.

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Numbers Week 40: Balak

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  1. Prostitute is not literal,like a solar system who has a lot ball roud around that hell sun and that hell sun ix a mother thats why they called her a prostitute.choose life over descrimanition.i think you are gossiper not lucifer!!!let them live and dont over taking thdir privacy.gossiper loves to gossiper..a people who loves to gossip,same people who killed knoght templar by gossip.

  2. You need to know that gossiper always worlks for destruction.lucifer is a light of the cross that cud save us but you refuses to accept it.who killed a giant tree ftom gods creation?the eye of medusa causes that tree to be a stone sothat they cud easily for it destroy.lucifer is always a ones who shed light,thatx why they started to drmonized him and curse by stupid mind.satzn will also appear as an angel kf light by misleading you.

  3. Brother Rob, for the sake of those that don"t know the word Targum and in particular the Aramaic Targum , probably it is better just to say it Aramaic translation . Shabbat Shalom.

  4. Idol is beleiving in an image of man even ic he was lying.godness outside but not from inside.now.j understand why from the book of revelation they choose life to bear fruit tocorrect what has been corrupted by man.jesus send a mediator to correct that error,a mediator who isnt corrupted by our modern soceity but speak truth of man xperience of encounter with god.god is much truth but not in a book writtenby man to fill their hunger of greed.you must follow a light of cross…lucifer not gossiper!!!get out that box to beborn again.thats why god choose ordinary people to send messagecoz they are workingfor truth not corruption.follow the message of not a beleiver but the ond who has a golden heart to save you.a golden heart who works for truth!!we are babies inside…weneed to wake up.

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