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  1. The bible actually says to go and preach to all the Earth's creatures…..I raise animals and for the life of my cant figure out why anyone would own an animal if they didn't love and care for it🤷Its not like they cant get rid of the prt if its a problem to them so they must enjoy abusing something that cant tell anyone 🙄 Blessings,I enjoy this content and subscribed🙏

  2. In proverbs I stumble at Proverbs 31. I think because I have hurt from my past, (over 25 years ago) and I feel as tho I am supposed to be a perfect woman or I have no value. I cant even talk about this with out crying. I think most of us dont really know what Prov 31 is all about. Any help out there? Please and thank you. 😢

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