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In ancient Mesopotamian texts, we find not only descriptions of weapons of mass destruction but also their actual use. And of course, what has become known as the Great Calamity was the result of the rivalry between the brothers Enki and Enlil that had began millennia earlier. But, during this particular conflict it was Enki’s son Marduk who played the most pivotal role. The fateful event is described in a variety of ancient texts from which the What and How, the Why and Who can be construed, reconstructed, and put in context. Those ancient sources include the Hebrew Bible, for the first Hebrew Patriarch, Abraham, was an eyewitness to the ancient nuclear assault.

Selected Sumerian and Babylonian Texts by Henry Frederick Lutz
Epic of Gilgamesh
Erra Epos
Zecharia Sitchin:
The Wars of Gods and Men,
The Lost Book of Enki
The End of Days

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  1. The reason the Old Testament or Torah bears so much resemblance to Tales of the Annunaki is due to Jewish captivity in what is Modern Iraq, where these detailed and complex Tales captivated the captives, as they do us today; subsequently making them their own.

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