Dumuzid/Tammuz: The God Who Died and Rose Again (Mesopotamian Mythology Explained) ForYouTube

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Dumuzid was believed to have died every summer when the grounds became too hard to work with. But come spring, he would return again and bring with him fertile lands for crops and plants.

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Artwork/Illustrations by
Karlo Lottersberger (artstation.com/karlottersberger)
Aranzazu Fernandez (artstation.com/aranzazufernandez)
Douglas Deri (artstation.com/douglasderi)

Music by

Graham Plowman: http://www.grahamplowman.com​​​
Derek/Brandon Fietcher: https://bit.ly/3e8gJw7​​​

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  1. Imprisoned in the Underworld due to her conceited nature this woman has the audacity to berate her husband for not 'mourning' her enough! She's a psychopathic hypocrite. She's claiming that Demuzid was showing a lack of respect (by allegedly partying with slave girls) but surely her choosing Demuzid to be incarcerated for the crimes 'she' committed is a million times more morally wrong than Demuzid.

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