Jacob’s Fight With God (Biblical Stories Explained) ForYouTube

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How does Jacob fair when he goes one on one with the big man?

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Artwork/Illustrations by
Karlo Lottersberger (artstation.com/karlottersberger)
Laura Giraud (artstation.com/jacknorisk)

Music by

Graham Plowman: http://www.grahamplowman.com​​​
Derek/Brandon Fietcher: https://bit.ly/3e8gJw7​​​

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  1. I loved this description. I like to believe that Jacob was wrestling with himself. The old him vs the person God wanted him to be. Something Im going thru right now. Please pray for me 💜

  2. Please send me healing energy, and he just touched it and it got dislocated. Its been hurting for years now, and I always walk around with a limp and I'm always stumbling and tripping over myself. I promised to serve him and he said he would bless me. I want him to take away my fears and make it so I can be whoever I want. I have to keep my stubbornness and arrogance in check, and trad my pride and ego for humility and humbleness, and then he said we can stop fighting I just jusy have to fully trust him. Its still hard, and I'm having a hard time with doubt and not having a back up plan, but im determined and I'm resilient. Never give up and never surrender! You made me a tough cookie Cap'n, and gods not an n word. He's a really kind diety and I'm sorry for not accepting him before 😔

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