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In a world marked by complex geopolitical conflicts and power struggles, join us for a contemplative and insightful radio show featuring Biblical researcher and devout Christian, Zen Garcia. In this special broadcast, we aim to explore the deeply sensitive and intricate issue of the Israel-Palestine conflict, while delving into the broader context of global manipulation and monetary control orchestrated by the elusive “New World Order.”

In this thought-provoking livestream, you can expect:

A deep dive into the historical roots and multifaceted layers of the Israel-Palestine conflict, shedding light on its complexity.
Zen Garcia’s profound insights into the conflict from a Biblical and historical perspective, providing a unique lens through which to view these events.
A contemplative examination of the potential influence and manipulation by global power structures, including the alleged actions of the “New World Order.”
A discussion about the impact of monetary control and elitist agendas on nations worldwide and their implications for both Israel and Palestine.
An exploration of the role of faith, empathy, and compassion in addressing this conflict and the broader issues affecting our world.
Zen Garcia’s dedication to Biblical research and his Christian perspective offer a unique viewpoint on these intricate matters. Join us for this contemplative radio show, and take part in the live Q&A session to engage with Zen and fellow viewers. Together, let’s seek truth and understanding amidst the turmoil and complexities of our world, with a focus on both the Israel-Palestine conflict and the broader global dynamics at play.

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  1. Hey Zen, thanks for the show. I will say I disagree abit with your interpretation of the political right vs the left. True Republican principles are Constitutional based principles, which the Constitution is based upon God's Law. Everything the Left stands for today is sin, abortion, LGBTQ, socialism, Transgender, castration of little children, etc. So when a person votes, they are saying they approve of the principles these two parties stand for, which is why the most disgusting thing today is those that call themselves Christian and then vote Democrat….the problem lies in the fact that the leadership of the 2 parties are controlled….as Lenin said, "the way to control the opposition is to lead it", which this is a reference to the Republican party.

  2. The MOST HIGH is punishing the so called jewish people of the made in 1948 so called state of Israel. This land was taken by force from Palestinians and is a fabricated lie. The REAL old world was in America (it wasn't always called America. America means "land of the plumed[feathered] serpent") do some research brothers and sisters! Here is a good start- Read "America the old world" by Louis Agassiz. March 1863 edition of "The Atlantic"

    "FIRST-BORN among the Continents, though so much later in culture and civilization than some of more recent birth, America, so far as her physical history is concerned, has been falsely denominated the New World. Hers was the first dry land lifted out of the waters, hers the first shore washed by the ocean that enveloped all the earth beside; and while Europe was represented only by islands rising here and there above the sea, America already stretched an unbroken line of land from Nova Scotia to the far West.
    In the present state of our knowledge, our conclusions respecting the beginning of the earth’s history, the way in which it took form and shape as a distinct, separate planet, must, of course, be very vague and hypothetical. Yet the progress of science is so rapidly reconstructing the past that we may hope to solve even this problem; and to one who looks upon man’s appearance upon the earth as the crowning work in a succession of creative acts, all of which have had relation to his coming in the end, it will not seem strange that he should at last be allowed to understand a history which was but the introduction to his own existence. It is my belief that not only the future, but the past also, is the inheritance of man, and that we shall yet conquer our lost birthright…." just a sneak peak 😉

  3. Despite this good podcast on the Hegelian Directive, many of us are still confused as to The Biblical Record to stand with Israel…Can you please do a podcast to clarify this salient subject further..and so we can all have better understanding to who Israel is in terms of His-story 🙏🏽♥️

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