The Hierarchy of Demons – The Hammer of Witches: Part 4 (Malleus Maleficarum Explained) ForYouTube

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One of the most famous medieval treatises regarding witchcraft. Inquisitor Heinrich Kramer published the document in the late 15th century with the intention of challenging any arguments against the existence of sorcery and to instruct the courts on how to both interrogate and convict witches.

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Artwork/Illustrations by
Elisa Fratarcangelo (…)
Douglas Deri (
Karlo Lottersberger (

Animation by
Michael Merc (…)

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Graham Plowman:​​​
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  1. Succubi are not inherently evil. They choose to be good or evil, like everyone else. It's just a bit of an over studied and over thought topic. They serve as caretakers of humanities genetic health sometimes, but their role can change depending on who they are dealing with, and the circumstances, how they are feeling. I was very close to a succubi for a time, but she decided to not be my friend anymore. I ended up hurting her on accident and she left me for good I think. I haven't seen her once in nearly a year.

    I never had any problem, she never tried to hurt me once. I try to be a good person though. It might be different for someone who bothers them too much or makes advances without consent, or is just a bad person in general.

    I don't think angels and demons are suppose to fight really. They serve different roles. The angels are higher then demons by their very nature. Sometimes demons evolve into angels. What people usually call a demon is something more than human, but less then angels, still having sin. Just because they have sin, doesn't mean they are evil. Sometimes it's just a process. In some cases god will cast an angel into hell for sinning in the heavens. This doesn't mean the angel is doomed, it just means God loves the angel enough to teach them.

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