(2020) Virtual House Church – Bible Study – Week 05: Chayei Sarah ForYouTube

This is the 2020 Week 05 Torah portion – Chayei Sarah – with related studies from the Prophets and New Testament. This week’s study page:

Genesis Week 05: Chayei Sarah

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    The great reset as per the WEF (World economic Forum), the mouthpiece of the NWO and its unholy trinity partners WHO ( World Health Organization) and WTTI ( World travel and trade industry).
    This is the enemy's agenda with mankind. Will we ignore it, deny it and allow them to take us mankind this far down or will we take back what they attempt to steal from us?

    Many believers suffer from guilt and martyr syndrome. Yes,we may do things that derail our lives but mostly we were not taught to firewall our households against the true and real guilty one that came only to deceive, steal, kill and destroy! We've been taught to fight for positions, guard our pulpit and compete to be good (not evil) and right (not wrong) in our "ministries" overlooking our mandate as mankind to choose life and to rule, reign have domain and multiply. The events of this year could not make it clearer of how far the enemy is taking mankind down the rabbit hole. Time to take back our lives, livelihood and land called earth. Do not allow the enemy to lay a guilt complex on you. True, God will meet you where you are at in that regard but this is not about competition and ego but lives and livelihoods being destroyed the world over. The earth is groaning for the revelation of the sons of God, the "one new man new creation" in Christ. Religious softies and whimps will not enter the promise land. Let Jericho s walls fall…not by physical war but by dancing and singing in our spirit man….

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