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In the world of academia, one must play by a certain set of rules or risk being labeled a renegade and discredited. The scholars and scientists possess a very effective arsenal of weapons which includes personal attacks, pressure tactics, censorship, data rejection, and suppression to name a few. Many people call the use of these weapons a conspiracy against the truth. However, the Archive believes it is more insidious than that and constitutes an overall behavioral mentality that inherently leads the academic scholars and scientists to what is known as confirmation bias and elitism.

So, the monitors of “good thinking” are not just the elite of the scientific community, as we have seen in several cases; they are television producers and even social platform engineers as well. It seems clear that they are all driven by the singular imperative of furthering public science education through the tactic of group thinking.

CASE 1: Age of Sphinx and Great Pyramid
CASE 2: Evidence of Mankind’s Great Anitquity
CASE 3: 250,000 Year-Old Artifacts in Mexico
CASE 4: The Waipoua Forest
CASE 5: The Takla Makan Desert mummies

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  1. Exactly! If we are not born "with a silver spoon in our mouths" we are nothing! I never did have respect for Hawas! Who the F@$&% does he think HE is? GOD OF EGYPT? Whoever they are they do not want ANYONE speaking truth! Look at me! I do
    Don't have a college degree NOR have I a scholarship to anything! I'm a natural scientist with ability to make up my own scientific mind! I call BULL SHIT to anyone who wants to shut me down! Thank you AAA 💖💖💖

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