2021 Virtual House Church – Bible Study – Week 37: Shelach L’cha ForYouTube

This is the 2021 Week 37 Torah portion – Behaalotecha – with related studies from the Prophets and New Testament.

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Numbers Week 37: Shelach L’cha

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  1. Rob Skiba

    wrong Rob, Nephilim are mentioned by the sons of Israel-Joshua spies, what did YHWH did to them, He-God kill them because they bring slander upon the land calling the giants Nephilim, you know that the word Nephilim is spelled two different ways in the Bible. In Genesis God speaking to Moses about the creation, pre flood world and the eventual destruction of the world, saving Noah and the family. After the flood YHWH newer called the giants "Nephilim" the Israelites did (also wrong spelling-or different spelling than what YHWH-Moses used in genesis. and God destroyed them read the Numbers. I read your book you are 95% close with your analysis of how the so called "Nephilim" existed after flood, yes thru at least one of the wife of Noah sons. Had nothing to do with Noah son uncovering fathers nakedness as to the procreation, maybe attempted rape- maybe??? the curse on the grandson was due to his deformity that was prevalent as an one signature of many for the Nephilim before the flood. There is no way that "Nephilim" could existed after the flood, there were no more intrusions of angels, genetic residue thru wife yes,- giants, six finger man, etc. – yes because one wife carried the genetic mutation, it was only her that brought the genetic code after the flood. As I say – you are and was so close to the truth in your book and videos that you produced, you need smidge of more investigation. Remember all offspring in the Bible after the flood are from man, the exception is Jesus because the father is YHWH. Walkonwater,- Joe. English not my mother tongue, sorry.

  2. The bible tells us who the 144000 are. They are the first born, the first fruits. The feasts of God reveal that in this age God is not calling everyone but a small remnant, the first fruits. The word "virgin" refers to the fact that they were faithful to God and did not g o into idolatry, they were pure spiritually. It does not mean that they were children or teenagers. The bible explains itself.

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