Sabbath At Midnight: Flat Earth Deception w/ special guest Jon Pounders ForYouTube

Jon Pounders is interviewed on the Sabbath at Midnight Podcast about the Flat Earth Deception

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  1. Have you seen the interviews with Von Braun's secretary? I'd never heard them before until recently and he tells her things to watch out for. He told her that their final great deception would be aliens invading earth. He told her to let everyone know that whenever they saw this they need to be Praying because that's what will be utilized to usher in the one world beast system.

  2. This was the best explination of flat earth I've heard…I haven't read the Bible, yet, just been following the midnight ride and people like Gary Wayne. I'm working on it, its difficult for me to sort out by myself. But your contributions are invaluable to me, thank you. 🙏 I have come to a few conclusions about this topic…1)why would they tell us the truth about this one and only thing? Its doubtful theyve told us the truth about anything 2)I feel the reality of God and satan is a way bigger secret for them to keep than aliens, cryptids, ancient civilizations etc -think about how many people theyd lose 3)any information we have about the earth, universe etc COMES FROM THEM! I've certainly never left the earth…has ANYBODY that's not in the club? Nope! So this is making more and more sense to me every day. I realize the Bible should my first reason, but I am getting there. I will be working harder to understand the word-thank for helping me. I've never felt so hopeful.

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