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Thank you for joining us for a continuation of the series Ask Me Anything with Dr. Joye Pugh, Author of the Beguiled: Eden to Armageddon Trilogy, Eden: the Knowledge of Good and Evil 666 Volumes I & II, Antichrist: Cloned Image of Jesus Christ, and Parables of Joye.

BEAST MARK: End of Days – Breaching the Pineal Gland
BEAST MARK: End of Days – Breaching the Pineal Gland

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NOTE: We are not medical professionals and all thoughts shared on this program are solely the view of the speaker and do not necessarily represent the opinion of Zen Garcia.

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  1. Did you know that the Stat of Israel and San Bernadino Cal are the two places on this Flat Earth that have Joshua trees and lake below see level (The Dead Sea and the Salton Sea). They are 180 degrees apart on the Flat Earth. God a sense of humor.

  2. Where did all the comments go? I was reading them and they all disappeared. I pushed newest and that didn’t help. Restarted YT and that didn’t work either. 🤷🏽‍♀️

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