The Day of Trumpets: End Times Revelations of the Fall Feasts ForYouTube

The season of harvest is upon us once again. Many people believe that the earth is ready for the reaper to come and harvest the people of the world.

“The appointed times are a shadow of things to come.” Colossians

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  1. There are 3 different first fruits.

    There is the wave offering that happens during the week of unleavened bread. On this day our Messiah rose from the dead. The first fruits of Elohim was Jesus Christ the Son of God. He was sifted and crushed just as barley is processed.

    The second first fruits happens at the end of the counting of the omer, often refered to as Pentecost. On this day the Holy Spirit was given. The first fruits of Jesus Christ was the body of believers. They were threshed by the wind of the of the Holy Spirit just as wheat is processed.

    The third first fruits happens just prior to the seasonal day that goes before winter, 50 days after the feast of weeks. On this day, I think the 144'000 will have their choosing confirmed by transfiguration. The first fruits of the Holy Spirit is the 144'000 chosen ones. The rest of the saints will be crushed in the wine press of the tribulation just like grapes and olives are crushed.

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