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This is a magnificent story that spans several generations and multiple countries! You can’t miss this one! It’s the story of his vision of the end times!

I sat down with Pastor Carl Gallups and asked him to share his vision with us, you won’t believe what he says!

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  1. Dear Jesus, Thank You Lord for your continuous calling me. I repent for my sins, Dear Lord Jesus. Save my soul from the fires of hell and wash me clean. My life is yours, allow me to do Your Will Lord. Thank You Father and Thank You Jesus, Amen

  2. Well this is a hoax because John the Revelator saw the End Times and the rapture happens at the end of tribulation. This man is a liar because the Bible is complete. He is adding to the Bible which is blasphemous

  3. one or two years after becoming the holy spirit in my heart, i had a series of the same endtime dream. every night im was in a different location in my dream but it was the same light and dramatically atmosphere. the light was low and greenish. every night we was running from infected and ill people. every night in the dream im was finding people who was hiding from this bad being. one day i have asked god why i have every night the same dream. i don’t know anymore if it was on the same day or another one, i had the last dream vision. we all was running in one direction where the heaven was opened like a round tunnel and there was shining light down. after we reached the open clouds and im was screaming up „lord have mercy!“ and some one was coming down and he told something and i have turned around with my back to him and told him im not worthy.

    i told this to a lot of people who was long time have been together with jesus and one of them told me that would be too late on the judgement day to call his name. at the next mass in the church on sunday some of the oldest has read a passage from the bible joel 3:1-5 …whoever then calls my name will be saved…
    i was totaly amazed how god give to old man meaningfully dreams and visions to the young.

    god bless you all my brothers and sisters. one day we will see us in the glory of god.

    and to all who can’t decide to choose jesus, don’t wait too long. every moment can came the lord from heaven.

    praise the lord! god bless you all!

  4. I saw a portal in a dream. We were taken by angels to upper athmosfere into the darkness of space in seconds!. The speed of it didnt allow me to see objects as they were but as lines. So after a while we were conteplating earth from space and it seem round and nice but at that moment a portl was opened in space; a hole in 3D space and in the other side i saw a white city with white buildings, angels moved all of us in that direction until we were about to enter. the dream stopped there and i was soooo disapointed lol. I whished i could stay there and not wake up.

  5. This brought me to tears!! I'm sure that God is telling the world He is coming soon, and everyone needs to get ready for Him! Eternity is A LONG TIME, to spend it in hell would be a tragic end for anyone, it's not a joke and it's totally avoidable if you repent and ask Jesus Christ in your heart! God Bless you for your uploads and continues to be a huge help to others and brings multitudes to Jesus Christ! I love the content of this channel and it's been extremely helpful in answers to questions I have had and has strengthened my faith in the Lord!!! Thank You and God Bless!!

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