THE GOVERNMENT WAR ON WORSHIP with Nate Wolfe | CT Radio Ep. 111 ForYouTube

For over two months, governments across Canada have waged war on churches, preventing the exercise of Charter-guaranteed rights and freedoms to worship, associate, and assemble. Grace Life Church is fighting back.

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  1. A VERY POWERFUL VIDEO , people see that the lord will save 🙏 that all those lost will find him in this troubling time we face . Repent , the lord is real . He will guide you , you just have to give yourself to him . have faith

  2. And yet people allow it by doing NOTHING! They do everything the tv set tells them! They look the other way when they see someone being harrassed in a store for not wearing their "communist mask" , or other things that cross the line on our freedoms! What this proves is that, we weren't really free at all, it was all an illusion! They've created a world full of "creampuffs" out there, offended by every little thing you do! And its even affected our art (music, film, books etc.)! This attack of the church is what they were truly after!

  3. Canada has a weak government, I thought I wanted to live there at one time but until Justin Trudeau is kicked out of office I don't even want to visit. Canada is a beautiful country with beautiful people but the government there is worse than ours.

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