VHC Week 5 – Torah Portion: Chayei Sarah (Life of Sarah) FYTube

This is a recording from the 5th in a series of weekly Bible studies I did back in 2013 for our Virtual House Church website. I make no claims of being a pastor or learned Bible scholar. This is just a personal journey through the Scriptures that I shared with others and now wish to share with you. For more, go to: www.virtualhousechurch.com

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  1. I am reading the old testament , and right now i am reading the book of Joshua. I was interested in Jericho. Those people had to be nephilim, or something like that because god tells the Israelite's to kill everything including women children and animals. also there is the cursed object bit where the one solderer took the broach. i fount that part to be very curious.

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