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History of Giants Series – Part I

Throughout recorded history, there have been legends about giants among cultures worldwide, including Mesopotamia and the Middle East, Egypt, India, China, Japan, Greece, Rome, Britain, Norse and other European countries, South America, as well as the U.S. — especially among Native Americans.

Unfortunately, in modern times this topic has been perverted (like so many others) by the social media trolls and their click bait posts. The very first clip in our introduction was included to show an example of this behavior. The clip is from a movie produced in 2007 called Big Man Japan. Yet it has made its rounds on the internet as a reference of actual evidence. The people that perpetuate such lies cause untold harm to what is a very legitimate topic. And they make it that much easier for a good portion of science and academia to ignore or dismiss any serious research into the matter.

The truth is the claim of giants once roaming the Earth cannot be easily rejected — in addition to bones, and artifacts such as tools so large that only a powerful giant man could use them, there are too many oral traditions around the world that talk about them. In fact, one of the oldest recorded stories in history dating back to 3000 BCE. is believed to be about a giant whose name was Gilgamesh.

PART 2: https://youtu.be/f3Uc0Lpbxp8
PART 3: https://youtu.be/DUPaSV957V8

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  1. Goliath was over 9 ft tall.
    He was 9'9".
    Imagine somebody or someone who is tall as Goliath like over 9 ft tall like 9'7" or 9'9" or short of 10 ft over 10 feet tall like 10'9"
    How would you guy's react if somebody's as tall as Goliath like way taller than Robert Wadlow?
    And how much that person weigh if he was like the same height as Goliath like 9'9" or 10'9"?

  2. TO Be fair the victors always right the history, we only have human account. i see a massive smear campaign against the giants. yaweh was fearful of the giants and propagandized against them. giants were prototypes to humans but instead of being crude they were gifted and powerful. as in the greek and norse legends giants were powerful enough to war upon the gods.

  3. Thank you so so much for making this it is incredible. I really appreciate you speaking out on people making fun of the subject to delegitimize it because I feel like that happens a lot, on many important topics.

  4. Giants are humans, and they did exist but by time humans have developed and adjusted to the environment by getting smaller and other things. But not gonna lie this thing is giving me aot vibes (attack on titan anime series)

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