(2020) Virtual House Church – Bible Study – Week 02: Noach ForYouTube

This is the Week 02 Torah portion – Noach – with related studies from the Prophets and New Testament. This week’s study page:

Genesis Week 02: Noach

Other stuff covered in this video:

Information about Targums: http://targum.info/

Targum for this week’s Torah Portion: http://targum.info/pj/pjgen6-11.htm

They’ll Never Tell the General Public About This: https://youtu.be/aUG2i_DcTtk

Solomon Island Mysteries: https://amzn.to/3dyvqJk

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  1. The "Rapture" problem often comes from the fact people don't wanna believe that the Messiah is coming back to take vengeance on the nations. People are too attached to this world 🌎 and will fight The Most High before they repent for their sins and what they did to Yah's (God's) people. The same people they have convinced themselves are in Israel or believe are "lost" tribes. There is NO Church! There's only Israel's Called out Assembly and those grafted into Israel.

  2. The Jew-ish peoples of today, when converting to "Judaism ✡ " learned the Babylonian corrupted faith. The same faith of the Pharisees that put the traditions of men over the laws of Yah (God). This is what the Messiah (Yahusha/Yahshua) was teaching against and came to correct. Religions have created new Covenants that are not with The Most High, but other gods. Many are in the Strong 💪 Delusion!!!

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