Civil War 2020 How We’re Being Divided & What We Can Do Before It’s Too Late (mirrored) ForYouTube

Wow! This video is just far too good not to share. It was created by my friend Dave Wise (who granted me permission to mirror this here) as his premiere video in a series he’s launching on his new YouTube channel. Please be sure to subscribe for more content:

This is a must watch episode that gives actionable solutions to our current conflict problems. Are we heading for a second civil war? Is the media manipulating us, if so why and how? Can we trust our political leaders who say they’ll fix these problems for us? What are goals that will unite us rather than divide us right now? These questions and more are asked and solutions are provided where possible. Learn how confirmation bias, framing bis, availability heuristic and other powerful social and psychological models are being used to keep us at war and what we can do about it to stop it.

Realistic Conflict Theory is a ploy being used against us by aggravators. How exploiting our weaknesses and In-group bias is being used to divide us, win political elections, fulfill agendas, and reduce our influence to manage our nations government and communities at home.

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Video Chapters:

00:00 Start (Introductory Questions)
01:12 Is it US vs Them or Us vs Us
02:27 Utah and Two Groups at Odds
03:30 Is Civil War Coming?
05:18 How Realistic Conflict Theory works with Ingroups and Outgroups
07:13 The Robbers Cave Experiment (phases 1, 2 and 3 overview)
09:50 Superordinate Goals that helped unite the groups at Robbers Cave
11:09 Knowing there is another group – The real threat to our success
11:51 Solution #1 Be Willing – Framing Bias – Availability Heuristic
13:55 Solution #2 Be Aware – Confirmation Bias – A “Them” group – Immeasurable numbers of ingroups and outgroups
16:09 Solution #3 Contact Hypothesis – Intergroup and intragroup evidence
16:43 How Coronavirus mandate are making contact hypothesis hard to accomplish
18:44 How to make Contact Hypothesis work under covid restrictions
19:49 Solution #4 Superordinate Goals – Suggestions for what we can do peacefully- Why certain goals we’re working on now aren’t working
21:48 The Two-Side-Facade that’s keeping us divided – How we can change it
23:20 Superordinate Goals that need serious attention now
24:10 Testing the interest of our leaders to really help us with our interests
24:49 Can we trust those who say they’ll fix it for us?
26:08 Closing thoughts and encouragement

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  1. The boys in the experiment identified who the manipulators were. It seems to me that our manipulators are those who control the massmedia. Now; who would that be? Is it the chinese? The russians? Arabs?
    Who owns the mass media in the US? Who controls the narrative?
    You might loose your YouTube-account due to ”hate speech” reasons if your guess is correct so tread carefully.

  2. How do you show let's say, a 20 something who's been soaked in gangsta rap their whole life that they're under a spell and every one of their values are abhorrent and purposely implanted there by very loyal servants of Satan and get them to abandon their hatred towards everybody else that has something they don't and let go of the lie of racism based on entitlement due to slavery?

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