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Join us tonight on the Midnight Ride (Live Every Saturday Night: 11 EST, 10 CST, 9 MST, 8 PST) w/ Jon Pounders and David Carrico.

History of Gog and Magog: The Champions of London Hard Cover

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In Bible Prophecy as well as many other ancient texts the final empire to make war before the return of Jesus is Gog and Magog.

Topics in this video:
The Biblical Records of Gog and Magog
Historical Records of Gog and Magog
Bloodline Connections to Gog and Magog
Dark Ages
Dragon Kings
British Connection to Gog and Magog
Uncharted Places and Things Beyond the Earths Ice Borders

The Hunt for Gog and Magog

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  1. Mind boggling.. videos from south pole & bases are down there. This ice wall so OVER rated. Its no mystery!! Its there. I know hardcore welthey know exactly what's on their flag. They know exactly why it's there. They don't consider it an image but in general conversatjen especially with americanos.. just a flag. England is a solid yellow dot of documentary war. And giants are picking out from all these doors in the side of cliffs of mountain ranges. From a Blackfoot standpoint, these doors used to be all sealed, but now they are being opened, there is actually Broken seals, which means that they are being opened and most haven't been open for a very, very long time. But now they're taking a peak outside to see what they're up against. Although I consider mountains, see through from the inside. Anyway, you can look right out. It's like there's nothing there in between you and the world. But for us it's just another mountain to climb and to exploit for tourist preparation… The only joy I have these days is seeing so many people coming to the understanding about camp trails after 20:05 years portals, after 42 years and the day is gone, and where Jesus will appear, but he's not here to make things right, he's here to get us out of here and then. Let things play out…. Then some of us are coming back. This place will be destroyed. The new Jerusalem will be destroyed. The new Jerusalem will not be on this existence. God doesn't have to build where the devil crapped! To much blood been spilled… It's called soil

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