2021 Virtual House Church – Bible Study – Week 32: Behar Sinai ForYouTube

This is the 2021 Week 32 Torah portion – Behar Sinai – with related studies from the Prophets and New Testament.

This week’s study page:

Leviticus Week 32: Behar Sinai

Here is the GoFundMe link to help the victims of the flash Flood Jake talked about: https://www.gofundme.com/f/please-help-families-caught-in-flash-flood

Additional Notes:

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  1. Do any of the New Covenant writers mention the 7 years sabbath or the 50 years jubilee? What is The first thing that the spirit filled believers do in Acts chapter 2?
    They start selling their land and property!
    It’s NO longer important!

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